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I create content about technology and the arts. Check out my Published Writing to read about some innovative ideas and interesting people.

I also have a background in sculpture work. I am particularity drawn to subjects that are oriented towards spatial reasoning or have a tangible element.



This is a non-comprehensive list of things that currently intrigue me.


3D Printing

3D printing is transforming the prototyping process, enabling innovation, and shortening the distance between the concept and the creation.


Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Extended Reality

VR/AR/XR encompasses a variety of innovations, everything from medicine to entertainment. This technology allows 3D innovation for world building, story-telling, education and more.





Stop Motion Animation- I blame Tim Burton for my eternal fondness for stop motion animation. There is something strangely magical about bringing sculptures to life.


Coffee- I enjoy coffee. That’s perhaps business relevant because I think that coffee fuels innovation or something like that to excuse my excessive consumption.



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